February 17, 2009

February Meeting

Our February meeting will be Wednesday the 18th at 7pm at my house. If you’re interested and able, I hope you’ll join us. We’ll be checking progress against our goals for the year, checking if there are any other goals that anyone wants to take on, and if we’re lucky we’ll have a visit from Police Chief Ayers to talk about how we can work best with local law enforcement.

February 4, 2009

First trash walk

I sent out email announcing this event only 13 hours before it was going to start so I didn’t really expect anyone else to come, but I was pleasantly surprised when Kate McWiggins joined Becky Brooks and me at 9am last Saturday to pick up trash along Front Street.

We spent about an hour and fifteen minutes and the three of us managed to clear all the unsightly leavings from the whole stretch along the east side of Front Street between Gilman Blvd and the center median of I-90 including a little ways down the eastbound onramp. This resulted in a big full bag that weighed probably 40 pounds. The folks at Stereotomy were nice enough to let me toss the bag in their dumpster for disposal.

We had a good time doing it and I’m looking forward to having more people for our next event. We’ll plan on the last Saturday of the month for these, so the next one is on February 28th. I’ll announce the location when it gets a little closer. If you have suggestions for an area that could use some attention, let me know!

Here are a few pictures: