NE Birch StreetHalf a sidewalkSidewalkNE Birch Street

A quiet residential street near downtown. The neighborhood is in transition from single-family homes on large lots to lot-filling duplexes. So density will approximately double over the next several decades. Map.

Length: 1077 feet

Subarea: Old Town

Intersects with: 5th Ave NE, 3rd Ave NE, 2nd Ave NE

Car lanes: 2. no lines.

Speed limit: 25

Grade: Flat. Slopes down slightly east to west.

Signage: Two-way stops at 2nd and 3rd.

Sidewalks: 58%. 4-foot. Owner-maintained. Varying condition from new on down. Most foot traffic takes the lane.

Bike lanes: No. With light, slow traffic, no real need.

Bus stops: No. Nearest: Sunset Way access to 209, 554, 927

Walkscore: max: 74 min: 63

Amenities: Memorial Field at west end. One block to 3rd Ave NE pedestrian bridge.

Bike/ped-only connections: no

Green: private lawns and landscaping, view to N fork Issaquah Creek at 5th Ave

Land use: Single Family Duplex

Potential improvements: Good candidate for lowered speed limit when that becomes legal. Sidewalks could use improvement, but it’s relatively low priority since it’s mostly safe to walk in the street. Crosswalk between Memorial Field and the north side of the street is in ill repair.