SW Clark StDead end

Short dead-end street at the base of Squak Mountain. Both sides are lined with apartments and townhouses. Map.

Length: 692 feet.

Subarea: Gilman. No, that doesn’t make any sense to me either.

Intersects with: Wildwood Blvd SW

Car lanes: 2 if you’re friendly

Speed limit: 25 (none posted)

Grade: Moderate.

Signage: Stop sign at Wildwood that joins up with the traffic signal at Wildwood and Newport.

Sidewalks: 50%. Full length of the north side.

Bike lanes: No. Light, slow traffic so little need.

Bus stops: No. Nearest: Newport by Gibson Hall: 214 (commute), 271 (after hours)

Walkscore: 75

Attractions: Gibson Park is adjacent to the aptly-named Issaquah Parkview Condominiums

Bike/ped-only connections: There’s a railroad tie staircase into one of the apartment complexes at the end of the road. There are also a couple of muddy game trails leading off into the woods from the end. One of the trails seems to connect to an apartment complex off Mountain Park Blvd SW. The other dead ends in a feral teenager nest/trash dump after a few dozen yards.

Green: The east end of the street is opposite the Issaquah Creek corridor. The west end abuts a wooded lower slope of Squak Mountain. Street trees and nearby Gibson Park.

Zoning: Multifamily High

Potential improvements: Formalize the trail to Mountain Park Blvd. Clean out the trash heap on the hillside.