That would be me.

I grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. We lived about 5 miles from town, but also about 800 feet higher up. This made getting around by walking or biking a challenge, but I did manage to ride my bike to school at least some of the time and walked all over the place before getting my drivers license put me behind the wheel of a car.

My first job out of college was in Santa Clara, CA and I found an apartment that was not only close to work, but didn’t require crossing any freeways to get there so I biked to work almost all the time. Even walked some of the time. My wife and I managed to get along with only one car.

We moved to Issaquah in January of 1993. We picked Issaquah partly because this is where my job is and we didn’t want to have to buy another car for commuting. We have lived in all four quadrants of Issaquah, but always in the flat part of downtown.

In March of 2005 our car was totalled in an accident. We decided to try doing without a replacement.

We are still car free. We get along with our bikes and our feet and the bus. We borrow cars from friends when none of those options will do what we need. We rent a car when we need one for a trip out of town or major errands.

I have upgraded my main bicycle with an Xtracycle hitchless trailer which lets me haul just about anything that I want on my bike with no trouble.