August 6, 2009

Bicycle Issaquah!

thumbnail of Issaquah Bike MapKaren Behm has been working on a bike map for Issaquah for over a year now, and Tuesday afternoon the first edition came back from the printer! You can pick up your copy at the Visitor Center, Bicycle Center, or Veloce Velo. Or flag me down around town, I’ve got a stack in the trunk on my bike.

If you’d like to peer at it on your computer, you can download it right here as two big PDF files. One of 2MB for the map itself and another of a whopping 6.6MB for the back side with the notes, some ride directions, and other useful info.

But get a paper copy, it’s fabulous! And give Karen an attagirl next time you see her.

Big thanks to the City for funding this first printing out of the hotel room tax revenue. And big thanks to Councilman Fred Butler for cluing us in to that funding option.

UPDATE: The printed maps are all gone for the moment. Email us if you want one and we’ll put you on the list for when we get another print run funded or if we find some hiding in a corner somewhere.

June 22, 2009

Links for 6/22

Offered without commentary for now, but here are some interesting things I’ve stumbled across lately…

Lynnwood’s Multi-Choice Transportation system

Planning Complete Streets for an Aging America

Cycling hazard tracking: bikewise

Another cycle hazard site: Bicycle Watchdog

July 13, 2008

Issaquah buses at a glance

I put together a one-sheet summary of Issaquah bus routes to give to people trying to make sense of them. If you’d like to print a copy you can download (or view) it in PDF format. Or continue reading to see the contents in HTML for viewing here.

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February 29, 2008

Shared resources

A number of people sent me documents, pictures, and links relevant to bike/ped transportation after last week’s meeting. This post collects them all.

PDFs of John Duggan article scans:

Links to some documents on the City of Issaquah web site

Other transportation-related stuff

Bike rack pictures:

And finally a couple of pictures Mary sent in:

Under the John L. Scott Building on MapleBetween Panera and 12th Avenue Cafe in the Commons