May 18, 2011

Still alive

Despite the moribund appearance of our website, GAIT is still alive.

I hope to get back to posting here regularly and having some more visible activities available to folks soon (for some definition of “soon” ;-). In the mean time I thought I should get something up here for any new people who wander by.

Our Facebook page maintained by the lovely and talented Becky Brooks is theĀ  most active evidence of our continued existence. Take a look and Like us to get occasional links of interest about walk/bike/bus tranportation.

Otherwise, our mailing list (link in the sidebar) is the best way to keep up on GAIT activities. I’ll be sure to announce when the blog becomes more active as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and let us know if there’s anything we can do to make it easier for you to get around Issaquah.

March 7, 2008


The pressure of getting a flyer together for the Volunteer Expo tomorrow forced me to get a bunch of what I’ve been thinking out of my head and into the world where other people can see it. Here’s what’s going on the flyer (picture a box around the leading capitals spelling GAIT):

G etting
A round
I ssaquah
T ogether

GAIT is a community of walkers, cyclists, and transit riders working to make Issaquah an even better place for our kind of transportation.

GAIT is working to promote pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities where they already exist, improve them where they are lacking, and create them where they are missing.

Some of what GAIT does:

  • Monitor public and private projects from design through construction to ensure bike/ped needs are considered
  • Inventory bike/ped facilities
  • Mentor people interested in walking or biking more
  • Perform small acts of maintenance to make walking and biking safer and more fun (e.g., trimming overgrown sidewalks and trails, picking up trash, etc.)
  • Notify the city/county/state about maintenance issues that require their expertise to fix (e.g., broken pedestrian crossing signals, damaged sidewalks, etc.)
  • Host community-building events like walks, bike rides, and meetups
  • Produce material highlighting ways of getting around Issaquah on foot, by bike, or by bus (e.g., maps, flyers, web page)
  • Staff tables at community events to promote bike/ped/bus transportation
  • Work to extend the network of sidewalks and bike lanes

For more information see our web page at

Think that will keep us busy?

November 12, 2007


I wrote a little piece on my blog about what set me on the path to starting GAIT. Rather than duplicate it here I’ll just let you click the link above to read it over there. The main reason I put it over there was to confer some google juice on this shiny new site.