At 10am on Wednesday 11/28 there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new trail. Given the snappy name of “I-90 Issaquah-High Point Trail Connector”, the new link connects the trails at the Sunset Interchange (exit 18 off I-90) with the East Lake Sammamish Trail where it crosses under I-90. The trail is completely separate from the streets except for a signalized crossing of Front Street just north of I-90.

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This is a largely transportation-oriented trail rather than being strictly recreational. From the Sunset Interchange you can go three (now four) different directions: up the hill to the Issaquah Highlands, east to Preston on the High Point trail, or down along Sunset Way into downtown Issaquah. At the other end, the East Lake Sammamish trail will take you either back into Issaquah or along the east shore of Lake Sammamish all the way to Redmond.

I plan to be there for the opening. There’s more information on the Cascade Bike Club events calendar also on the City of Issaquah website though the details there are buried in a PDF.