One of the things that can strike you as you start moving around our town under your own power is how much trash ends up on the ground around here. And once you start noticing the trash you then see that one of the reasons it’s so prevalent is that there aren’t a whole lot of trash cans around.

Bus stops are an especially obvious place where trash collects. There’s a stop on 220th Ave SE near the court house where someone put up a sign saying “no littering”, but since there’s nowhere to put your drink cup or food wrapper, it hasn’t made any difference.

At the 554 stop by the library parking garage on Sunset Way, though, someone concerned with the trash took a different approach to the problem:

Trash bags tied to the parking garage

The bags are always full and there’s hardly anything on the ground. Amazing what happens when you just give people an alternative.

Metro actually has a program that allows people to adopt a bus stop. Metro will install a trash can and provide the adopter with liners so that they can empty it periodically. I’m going to adopt that courthouse stop in the name of GAIT.