The city recently passed a “Complete Streets” ordinance which essentially puts some teeth in the already existing requirements that new development include facilities for bicycle and pedestrian transportation. Barb Shelton passes along the following information about the city’s plans for striping existing roads this year:

At the Council Transportation Committee this past week, Councilors learned that the following locations could get bike lane improvements in 2008 within the Complete Streets program. These locations would involve restriping only of existing roads. They have not been cross-referenced with the Bike/Pedestrian section of the Transportation Element that we worked so hard to incorporate bike facilities into. So take a look & respond to Gary Costa & Todd Christensen with comments or additional locations.

  • NE Gilman from Front St to 3d Ave past bridge
  • Newport Way between Holly & Maple
  • Newport Way between Pinecone/Oakcrest & 54th
  • Village Park Dr
  • W. Lk Sammamish Pkwy
  • SE 43d Way (road to Providence Pt)

If you send feedback to the city, be sure to mention that you’re a member of GAIT. We’ll work out official membership soon, but for now if you read this blog, join the mailing list, or come to a meeting or event then you’ve got the right to call yourself a member.