A small but mighty group of GAITers met this evening at the police station. We had Becky, Jeff, Lori, Paul, and Shirley. And a post-meeting visit with Kent at the bike rack.

We looked at the list of 58 things for GAIT to do that we came up with back in May. In pretty short order we were able to identify seven general areas that encompass all those ideas:

  • Measurement
  • Advocacy
  • Promotion
  • Improvement
  • Education
  • Group Activities/Identity
  • Collaboration

And then we came up with some very rough draft statements of goals for each of those areas:

  • Develop methods of measuring the ability and utilization of walk/bike/bus transportation
  • Advocate walk/bike/bus transportation to citizens and city leaders and staff and business leaders
  • Promote GAIT as a group in the community
  • Improve the ability of people to get around Issaquah by walk/bike/bus
  • Provide materials and training to educate people of all ages how to walk/bike/bus around Issaquah
  • Organize activities to highlight the fun aspects of walk/bike/bus transportation and connect GAIT members
  • Collaborate with other groups and entities to accomplish our mission

Clearly they need some wordsmithing, so if you have a clearer way of phrasing any of these goal statements then let me know. Likewise if you can’t fathom what we meant by one or more of them it would be great to know that too.

Next time we’ll collect any improved phrasing anyone’s come up with and go back from the general toward the specific to define some specific objectives for us to work on going forward.