I put together a one-sheet summary of Issaquah bus routes to give to people trying to make sense of them. If you’d like to print a copy you can download (or view) it in PDF format. Or continue reading to see the contents in HTML for viewing here.

NOTICE: The times and stop locations shown here are very approximate! Use this guide to help pick
your bus then check the detailed schedule or ask the driver before you ride.

Getting around Issaquah

For getting around Issaquah

Metro Route 200

Runs Mon-Fri about every half hour from 6am-6pm. Takes 32 minutes end to end.


Visits most of Issaquah’s shopping areas with stops at the Community Center, Issaquah High School, along Front Street, Gilman Blvd, Target, Issaquah Transit Center, the Meadows, Lowe’s, Costco, King County Court House, Microsoft, and Fred Meyer.


For getting around Issaquah and Sammamish

Metro Route 927

Runs Mon-Sat about hourly from 6:30am-5:30pm. Takes 50 minutes end to end.

$1.75 adults ($1.50 off-peak), $.75 youth (6-17), $.50 seniors (65+)

Starts at 2nd Ave NE and Alder St. Stops on Sunset, Newport Way, Issaquah Transit Center, Klahanie, and S Samm P&R. Alternating routes serve Providence Point and the intersection of 228th Ave NE and NE 8th St. Check where it’s going before you ride!

Getting from Issaquah to elsewhere (and back!)

To Seattle (via Eastgate P&R and Mercer Island P&R)

Sound Transit Route 554

Runs 7 days about every half hour during the day and hourly in the late evening. The switch to hourly is earlier on the weekends. Takes 45 minutes end to end.

$2.50 for adults, $1.75 for youth (6-18) and $1.25 for seniors (65+)

Stops at the Highlands P&R, the west corner of the Issaquah Library Parking Garage on Sunset Way, and the Issaquah Transit Center.


To Preston, Fall City, Snoqualmie, and North Bend

Metro Route 209

Runs Mon-Sat about hourly from 7am-3pm with a couple of later runs. Takes 50 minutes end to end.

Same fares as the 927 above.

Stops at Community Center, Front St, Gilman, Target, Issaquah Transit Center.


To Bellevue and
Seattle’s University District

Metro Route 271

Runs 7 days a week with runs about every half hour during the day and hourly in the evening. Saturday switches to hourly earlier and Sunday is hourly all day long. Takes 1:25 end to end.

$2.25 for adults
($1.75 off-peak),
$.75 for youth (6-17),
$.50 for seniors (65+)

Stops at Issaquah Transit Center and for late and weekend runs along Front Street and Gilman Blvd.

Getting to work

The rest of the routes that serve Issaquah are limited to morning and evening commute times Monday through Friday.



Issaquah Stops

Adult Fare

Trip Length

Metro Route 210

Downtown Seattle with stops in Eastgate, Factoria, and Mercer Island P&R

Issaquah Transit Center


43 min

Metro Route 214

Downtown Seattle (but extends out to North Bend through Preston, Fall City, and Snoqualmie before Issaquah)

Issaquah Transit Center, Target, Gilman, Front St, Comm Center


29 min
(Iss to Seattle)

Metro Route 216

Downtown Seattle (but extends to the Pine Lake P&R and Bear Creek P&R before Issaquah)      



35 min
(Iss to Seattle)

Metro Route 217

Downtown Seattle with stop at Eastgate P&R



51 min

Metro Route 218

Downtown Seattle with stop at Eastgate P&R

Highlands P&R


37 min

Metro Route 269

Overlake with stops at Bear Creek P&R, Pine Lake P&R, S Samm P&R

Issaquah Transit Center, SE 56th, Highlands P&R



Sound Transit Route 555/556

Northgate with stops at Bellevue Transit Center, Eastgate P&R, and BCC

Issaquah Transit Center, Highlands P&R



Planning your trip

Before you ride, grab a detailed schedule for your route online, on the bus, or around town at City Hall NW, the Visitor’s Center, Issaquah Library, or the Community Center.

King County Metro: transit.metrokc.gov

Sound Transit: soundtransit.org

Metro provides an online trip planner at tripplanner.metrokc.gov

There’s an easier to use front end for the trip planner at spotbus.org

For trip planning with much better maps, try Google Transit at transit.google.com

Metro’s Rider Information line is 206-553-3000.

This quick glimpse of Issaquah bus service was produced as a public service by Getting Around Issaquah Together (GAIT). Our mission is to promote and enable walking, bicycling, and bus riding as practical and fun ways of getting around Issaquah. You can find out more or join our mailing list on our website.
If you have feedback on this flyer, please email gait@gettingaroundissaquah.org.
Neither Sound Transit nor King County Metro contributed directly to this quick reference.