NE Juneberry St17th Ct NEConnection

My niece helped me pick this week’s street. Our criteria was that it must have an amusing name. NE Juneberry St won out. Turns out it is one of the Issaquah Highlands’ many many “private” streets. I’m not sure what necessitates all this privacy. There’s nothing on the street but houses, so there’s not really any reason for anyone to go there who doesn’t live there or know someone who does. In fact, that’s true for most of the Highlands. Map.

Length: 418 feet.

Subarea: Issaquah Highlands.

Intersects with: 17th Ave NE and 16th Ln NE

Car lanes: 1.5 maybe?

Speed limit: 25mph (none posted)

Grade: Moderate slope down to the west.

Signage: None.

Sidewalks: 50% Along all of north side.

Bike lanes: No.

Bus stops: No. Nearest 2/3 mile away at Highlands Park and Ride.

Walkscore: 34

Attractions: Near Grand Ridge Elementary.

Bike/ped-only connections: This is one thing the Highlands developer got right at least for pedestrians. There are staircases between all the culdesacs and the nearest streets. Three of them on this short stretch of street alone. Not much help if you’re pushing a stroller, though.

Green: Sparse landscaping.

Zoning: Urban Village

Potential improvements: The built environment of this street is basically appropriate for its location. It’s essentially a driveway with slow traffic, so bikes should be able to share the road. The street is close enough to NE Park Dr that it would benefit if bus service is ever extended up into the Highlands proper.