NW Dogwood StNW Dogwood StNW Dogwood StNW Dogwood St

NW Dogwood St is one of only two through streets between Front St N and Newport Way. As such, it sees heavy vehicle usage with relatively high speeds as drivers use it to circumvent traffic delays on other local streets. It has a mix of residential densities from single-family dwellings to large apartment complexes. Map.

Length: 1942 feet.

Subarea: Spans Gilman and Old Town.

Intersects with: Front St N, Rainier Blvd N., 1st Pl NW, 1st Ave NW, 3rd Pl NW, 3rd Ct NW, Newport Way NW

Car lanes: 2

Speed limit: 25mph

Grade: Flat.

Signage: Pedestrian-triggered signal at Front St (stop sign for cars), Stop sign at Newport Way. Otherwise it’s a clear quarter-mile shot from Front St to Newport.

Sidewalks: 38% Both sides from Front St to 1st Ave, then a few semi-random stretches west of there.

Bike lanes: No.

Bus stops: No. Nearest: Front St: 200, 209, 214 (commute), 271 (after hours)

Walkscore: Max: 78 Min: 71

Attractions: Nothing really.

Bike/ped-only connections: There’s a pedestrian-only trail at the end of 3rd Pl NW which connects through to Holly St. Though it’s mostly blocked by a fallen tree at the moment. Pedestrian crossing signal at Front St that takes forever to change.

Green: About midway down there’s a bridge across Issaquah Creek with attendant greenery. Otherwise, street trees and landscaping.

Zoning: Multifamily Medium with “Cultural and Business District” east of 1st Ave and “Single family small lot” between 3rd Pl and the creek

Potential improvements: This street really deserves a full buildout with sidewalks and bike lanes. As it is, it’s a street with faster-than-speed-limit traffic and nowhere for pedestrians to walk. On the cheaper side, the pedestrian signal at Front Street should really be more responsive.