February 29, 2008

Shared resources

A number of people sent me documents, pictures, and links relevant to bike/ped transportation after last week’s meeting. This post collects them all.

PDFs of John Duggan article scans:

Links to some documents on the City of Issaquah web site

Other transportation-related stuff

Bike rack pictures:

And finally a couple of pictures Mary sent in:

Under the John L. Scott Building on MapleBetween Panera and 12th Avenue Cafe in the Commons

February 26, 2008

Complete Streets

The city recently passed a “Complete Streets” ordinance which essentially puts some teeth in the already existing requirements that new development include facilities for bicycle and pedestrian transportation. Barb Shelton passes along the following information about the city’s plans for striping existing roads this year:

At the Council Transportation Committee this past week, Councilors learned that the following locations could get bike lane improvements in 2008 within the Complete Streets program. These locations would involve restriping only of existing roads. They have not been cross-referenced with the Bike/Pedestrian section of the Transportation Element that we worked so hard to incorporate bike facilities into. So take a look & respond to Gary Costa & Todd Christensen with comments or additional locations.

  • NE Gilman from Front St to 3d Ave past bridge
  • Newport Way between Holly & Maple
  • Newport Way between Pinecone/Oakcrest & 54th
  • Village Park Dr
  • W. Lk Sammamish Pkwy
  • SE 43d Way (road to Providence Pt)

If you send feedback to the city, be sure to mention that you’re a member of GAIT. We’ll work out official membership soon, but for now if you read this blog, join the mailing list, or come to a meeting or event then you’ve got the right to call yourself a member.

February 21, 2008

GAIT lives!

Tonight GAIT had its first meeting. Ten of us sat at a table at the Issaquah Brewhouse and talked about bicycle and pedestrian issues in Issaquah. Rob, Nina, Barb, Karen, David, Kent, Erik, Karen, Becky, and me.

I have to thank Kent for giving us the kick needed to have a meeting when he forwarded some info about a program from the Kryptonite Bike Lock company to place free bike racks. We spent a fair amount of time brainstorming where we might like to see such racks. Here are the places mentioned:

  • City Hall South
  • City Hall North
  • Issaquah Medical Center (on Gilman by the post office)
  • Gilman Station near the end of the East Lake Sammamish Trail
  • Bank of America on Front Street
  • Mills Music
  • Memorial Field
  • Poo Poo Base
  • Skate Park
  • Community Center
  • Target
  • Caffe Ladro in the Highlands
  • Safeway
  • REI
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Pickering Barn
  • Lake Sammamish State Park

Some of these may already have sufficient racks in place. We thought we’d prioritized public locations ahead of private businesses thinking we might be able to lobby businesses into installing racks on their own. There are a lot of unknowns about the program so next steps here are to refine the list and get some pictures taken of where we’d like to place racks, and then to contact Kryptonite to see what they’re willing to do.

Beyond the bike rack program a lot of ideas flew across the table. I’ll try to get some pages here on the website to capture some of that over the next few days. There were also some war stories told about various organizations, but you’ll have to come to a meeting if you want to hear any of those.

It was exciting to see so many interested people there. Suddenly I have no qualms about referring to GAIT as a “group” and using the word “we” when talking about it. That alone is a big step forward. Thanks, everyone!